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Face Moisturizing Firm Aromatherapy Massage Oil 50ml


Product Description

Facial Moisturizing Firm Aromatherapy Massage Oil

***Vitality and Brightening, Firming and Anti-wrinkle, Balancing Oil ***

Contains grape seed oil and is rich in vitamin E, which can exert antioxidant effects, soften cuticles, and whiten skin. It gives skin elasticity and luster, helps moisturize, tighten, lift and moisturize the skin. It is also mixed with lavender, Jasmine, sweet orange, white magnolia, palmarosa. Combined with appropriate amount of massage/gua sha, it can improve facial circulation and help accelerate blood circulation.
Stimulates lymph nodes and drains excess moisture from the face, which not only effectively enhances the contours of the eyes and smoothes fine lines, but also balances oil. Deeply nourishes and injects moisture to restore skin's vitality and elasticity.

Efficacy : Moisturizes and protects skin, softens cuticles, deeply moisturizes, revitalizes and
                Brightens skin, Tightens and Prevents wrinkles, Balances oil. ​
Ingredients : Natural Plant Essential Oils (Lavender,Jasmine, Sweet orange, Magnolia, Palmarosa),
                     Natural Grape Seed Oil and Avocado oil
Suitable for : Any skin

1. Clean your face before massaging/gua sha, then apply the massage oil evenly on the face and neck,     
    Massage for a few minutes after application, Promote the absorption of massage oil.
2. From the inside to the outside of the face, use the middle finger and index finger/gua sha pad to gently 
    press the corners of the mouth to lift, from bottom to top.
3. Then massage the small nose, from bottom to top.
4. Push from the small nose upward to the forehead from the middle to both sides.
5. Slide it around the eyes, massage the eyes, and press from the end of the eye to the brow.
6. Gently press along the eye sockets to in front of the ears, and then press along to the lymph nodes on
    the neck.
Note: It is a handmade product and is recommended to be used within 18 months after opening.
Applicable to all products: For external use only. Please keep out of the reach of children. Keep out of contact with eyes and mucous membranes. If accidentally swallowed, please contact emergency medical services immediately. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or need to take medication, If you suffer from any disease or have any symptoms of discomfort, or have had any allergic reactions in various aspects, you must consult before use. Opinions of professional medical personnel. It is recommended to conduct an allergy test before use. Please apply a small amount of the product to the bend of your elbow.
Observe for skin redness, swelling or any discomfort throughout the day. If allergic reaction occurs after use, please stop using it immediately and refer to seek medical attention immediately if necessary. The product should be stored in a dark place, away from direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

Since the procurement of raw materials is affected by the season, the color of each batch of finished products may be different, but this will not affect the quality and efficacy of the product and is safe to use.

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