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Natural Essential Oil Perfume Set - 10ml x 4


Product Description

Natural Essential Oil Perfume Set
Natural ingredients Simple and Clean

i) Natural Essential Oil Perfume -  Mosquito & Insect Spray (Fresh Breath)
   Mosquito & Insect spray is natural, safe and reliable, and not easy to be sensitive.
   Main Ingredients : Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Lavender, Cypress 

ii) Natural Essential Oil Perfume -  Dim Fragrance (Light Perfume)
    A sweet light pink fragrance that immerses you in a pure sensual beauty, its fresh floral and fruity notes are 
    irresistible and you can't put it down.
    Fragrance: Floral and Fruity
    Top Notes: Pomegranate, Grapefruit
    Middle Notes: Magnolia, Peony
    Base Notes: Amber, Musk

iii) Natural Essential Oil Perfume - Soft Floral (Light Perfume)  
     Mixed with floral and fruity aromas, it presents the softness and elegant personality of modern women, 
     full of bamboo confidence, and a joyful life  
     Fragrance: soft floral fragrance
     Top Notes: Sicilian Lemon Leaf, Green Lilac
     Middle Notes: Osmanthus, Red Peony, Wisteria, Peach Blossom
     Base Notes: Sweet Musk, Lebanese White Cedar

iv) Natural Essential Oil Perfume -  Fragrant Hot Hunky (Cohesion Charm)
     The elegance of sandalwood combines with the uniqueness of tonka bean and the sensuality of amber notes.
     A warm and sensual composition.
     Fragrance: Woody Aromatic
     Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Tonka Bean
     Middle Notes: Grapefruit, Amber
     Base Notes: Frankincense, Sandalwood

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