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Brand Story 

   "Field Green" was established about two and a half years ago. The inspiration came from the founder's trip to the Yunnan Plateau before the epidemic.

We felt that the local pollution is low, the air is good, the water quality is clear, and the ecological environment is unique.

Everywhere I saw a large expanse of green land. I experienced the epidemic shortly after returning from the trip, and felt that the epidemic brought

great troubles to Hong Kong at that time. The founder hopes that through the epidemic, human beings can reflect. The importance of caring for the earth and

environmental protection.

Therefore, the "Field Green" brand was established with the concept of Zuolv Pastoral. The purpose is to bring the People back to nature and feel in a green field

Travel, live a free life, so the Chinese name of the brand is "綠悠由".

   "Field Green" has always adhered to the concept of environmental protection, naturalness, and high quality.

It uses nature to heal people's tired body and mind, and also believes in "less", which means less waste, less impulsiveness, and less Not necessary,

less uncertain. 

"Hope to spread the brand concept to all over the world.


About Us

  "Field Green" products are mainly natural and organic. You can experience our products with the three senses of daily life.

1.) The first sense "smell" : series of products Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bottle, Weather Essential Oil Perfume...etc.

2.) The second sense "touch" : series of products natural massage oil...etc.

3.) The third sense "taste" : coming soon.

Specialties: High-quality natural and organic products, food, health care products, air freshening products.

Cooperation Alliance Sales Platform : 

- Sincere - Dragon Centre L3 Metier & Toolbar

- My Fair Lady

- HKTV Mall


- Eagle Living

- Strawberrynet(HK & Overseas) 


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